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All Root Canaled teeth are

Foci of Infection

From Dr Joseph Issells  -  Chapter 8 - Focus on Foci

Dentistry has tried for many years to deny one of the basic principles of medicine
focal infection ie. that an infection can spread from an original site to other sites in the body.

Incredibly the dental profession denies what it published in the Journal of the American Dental Association as long ago as 1951. Read more here 

For some obscure reason the dental associations world wide are quick to denounce the concept in relation to root treated teeth.  They imply that all infection and dead gangrenous tissue remains locked up in the tooth.  There is NO science which supports this.

Despite being condoned and discussed at length by the American Dental Association in 1951, this concept, known as "FOCAL INFECTION", is simply unaccepable to the dental profession and in particular to the root therapy specialist, the endodontists.

If it were possible to show an association between root therapy and cancer or other diseases such as MS, than surely we must rethink the validity of such "treatments".

The outstanding work of Dr Joseph Issels is second to none in demonstrating the relationships of cancer to many issues.  One of the main issues is of course the dead tooth.  Dr Issel's book called 'Cancer a Second Opinion'  should be read by everyone. Doctors and dentists should read it several times. Chapter 8 of this book is devoted solely to the issues of Dental Foci. It is available to read, print and think about at Dr Issel's web site. 

Chapter 8 - Focus on Foci

This is CRITICAL reading

A quote from the begining of this manuscript

"The "focus" has been described as a chronic, abnormal, local change in the connective tissue, capable of producing the most varied distant effects beyond its immediate surroundings, and therefore in constant conflict with local and general defence (Pischinger and Kellner). By this definition, even a fully-healed scar may sometimes act as a focus, spreading disease to distant parts of the body. But the foci we shall now examine will be confined to those of the teeth and tonsils - in my view, the most lethal of all foci.

The emphasis I place on the removal of devitalised teeth and chronically-diseased tonsils is one of the better-known aspects of my work, but also one of the most criticised and misunderstood. I do not, for instance, recommend that healthy tonsils and teeth be removed from a healthy person. But I believe if they are diseased, they cause the body's natural resistance to be lowered, thus acting as an important contributory factor to tumour development. In these cases, I insist on their removal."

Please follow the link to    Click on the 'Publications'  link

and then the Cancer: A Second Opinion, Chapter 8, Focus on Foci, by Josef Issels, 1999

There are hundreds of published, peer-reviewed articles demonstrating the reality
of focal infection in relation to dead and root treated teeth